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I am requesting an envelope to send in an APPLE iPhone and no other type of phone or device. To view iPhone models click here.


  • Thank you so much – can’t believe how smoothly the transaction was….have been telling all my friends and associates.

  • Thanks so much, your website was so fast and easy. I've already told all my friends!

    April G.
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  • I appreciated working with you guys. You stayed on top of it and kept me informed about where my phone was, status and the progress. If made me feel safe about interacting with you. The check was cut right away.Thank you for turning a loss into cash.

    Tamer G.
  • Thank you so much. I'm sending a bunch of my friends your way.

    Carol E.
  • I received the check for my I-phone and referral last Friday. It was quick and easy to do. I will refer more friends if I here they have an old I-phone to get rid of. You do exactly as promised, and quicker than I anticipated.

    Ed Moyer.
  • When I first saw the offer for phones to cash, I thought it was just another scam. This IS the real thing! Payment came as promised and very quickly. Excellent service.

    Philip F.
  • Thanks for doing what you said you'd do. I'll tell everyone I know!!

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  • I would like to say that I have nothing but good things to say about your company! I received the secured mailer in a matter of days and was informed via email thru the whole process. I have recommended my daughter & son in-law and will any others that I think will be interested. Thank you.

    Lowell P.
  • As a business owner we use a lot of smart phones with the recent upgrades in our office we felt we had another pile of phones to add to our ever increasing drawer of functional older phones that we will no longer use, when I came across the iphonesintocash website I was curious and sent one phone to check it out and all happened just like the website said. I then sent the balance of our iphones. I got around 400.00 for the phones I sent. Very happy with the service.

    Duane C.
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  • This was great and effortless. I was wondering what to do with my old iPhone, the sleep button didn't work and I didn't think I'd be able to sell it, but they actually gave me money for it. Recommending it to all my friends that have iPhones.

    Susan Rogers
  • It was an easy and honest transaction.

    July Heath
  • Great service and great pricing. I'll send you my new 4 when the iPhone 5s come out!

    Zach B., Syracuse, NY
  • Thanks! That was easy!

    Natalie T., Los Angeles, CA
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